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Originally Posted by stingray88 View Post
Title says it all... it seems sometime in the past couple of days filesonic must have changed something, as links from there no longer work in JDownloader. I get the "out of date plugin" message.

Sorry if this is something I can easily fix myself... or something I've overlooked... I'm still new to JDownloader.

Thanks for any help!:)

Example links: **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**
I tried one of the links supplied within your provided url and it works.

Originally Posted by FSchmertz View Post
It's really the same problem as before for me. Seems the same as what everyone else has posted today, I've already posted logfiles.

Very intermittent, and I still think it may be filesonic messing with bulk downloaders, perhaps their way of dealing with high traffic ala fileserve.

P.S. It seems to happen less often if you have only one connection and download no more than two files at a time. Kinda defeats the purpose of a downloader though. :(
If you can find a save pattern then plugin can be made to follow that pattern, I believe.
FAQ: How to upload a Log

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