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Originally Posted by ooofest View Post
I've been specifically testing with my Firewall turned OFF.
I don't think that's a good assumption: firewalls that aren't properly un-installed can still block your traffic.


I also tested one of those links and it worked.

@stingray88 & FSchmertz

Most problems with jD are caused by viruses and to a less degree by firewall software.

If you can download the files with your browser something is blocking jD. I recommend to :-

1) Allow java and javaw in your firewall and virus software. Disable (or un-install) the html/web download scanner in your virus software.

2) Reduce the Max.Con. setting (bottom right corner of jD window) to 1. Reset the affected links.


What's your average bandwidth? I'm not talking about the theoretical bandwidth your ISP sold you.