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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
broom stick prompts you if you want to remove, read the prompts then you wont have issues. Disable switching tabs on adding links if you have issues, as already discussed. These are all changes you need to address on your side. We are aware of your opinion on the matter there is no need for more threads.
Well that's not how design should work, sometimes you have to account for human stupidity... even if someone is tired it can make for a bad mistake. A simple change to a different location can prevent mistakes. We are human, not machines;)

I was watching terror in the skys on tv yesterday too, even in cockpits ui design is very important, many times they just assume the pilot could just read this or that but actually they are overloaded and become "blind" to an area, and it leads to disaster, its not exactly the same obviously but it just helps show that the human brain isn't a computer. Most people are multitasking while using this program, so mistakes can happen.

Jd is a background program, its not a spreadsheet or whatever where people fixate on the details, it should require as little attention as possible.

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