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I wouldn't consider this a bug.
Indeed these are the "limitations" of our current naming schemes.
...but there is more to it:
If you e.g. use the following scheme:
*uploader* - *main_content_id* - *orderid*_of_*orderid_max* - *shortcode**ext* would you expect a software to auto detect that the following part as a whole is not necessary if *orderid_max* == 1?
 - *orderid*_of_*orderid_max*
I don't see how.
Also, you could use anything in between which would make it even more complicated for an automated logic to see "spaceholder XY makes no sense now so we can remove it and the space before":
 - *orderid*_of random text here __ bla _*orderid_max*
Also, how should the application know what you're using as a "separator" between used tags?
In your example it is mostly " - "but it could be anything.

Without an extended "search and replace" or "custom filenames editor" I don't see this happening while I do understand what you mean.


For such "complex" things, you could always use an EventScripter script to add more logic to apply custoim packagenames.
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That's true James
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