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Thanks for the answers. First, sorry for the size of the previous post, I wanted to be as clear and precise as possible.

@pspzockerscene : I totally agree with you and understand the logic. Maybe it's just me who has reached my limits of software understanding. What was puzzling me was that with the default filenames schemes it works.

With YouTube, the *3D* *360* placeholders don't leave spaces.

With Instagram, for a URL with one media, let alone orderID_max, it still manages to not place the orderID at all, or else a shortcode (or a " - ") since there is none, or for URLs with multiple media, a shortcode (or a " - ") if the method does not find any.

@Jiaz : That's nice of you

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Except for the URL/Website Profile method.
Should've said : Except for the Profile URL/Website method.
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But if you want to add the placeholder *PLAYLIST_NAME* between dashes "-" surrounded by spaces :
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