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Originally Posted by Maelcum View Post
Hi Raztoki,

It seems to be a fundamentally broken logic to me.
not everyone thinks the same or wants the same outcome. My needs are different from yours, for example I come from developers perspective.

Originally Posted by Maelcum View Post
Right now I can easily end up with a bunch of broken links scattered around in active packages, which will introduce another step when I want to start downloading them (or cleanup the links, which is just another avoidable step).
cleanup of offline links automatically performed task, so I totally disagree with 'another step', or 'avoidable step'.

offline links in package are not the end of the world situation, they cause no harm when adding them to the download tab as they don't get used. Though does use more resources. (who cares factor)
You can also use the quick side panel to deselect offline prior to adding. (does require effort)
if you rather not add them you can do this with the add to download queue stage it auto strips them! Either remember setting or you can customise your own functions in menu editor. This is done without any effort! (automatic and with zero effort).

Originally Posted by Maelcum View Post
What are the benefit of putting broken links into active packages, anyway?
If you have a series of links you want to check to see that they are all online and there you can do so without having to scroll to find item.

Most importantly when adding multiple links which downloadlinks goto multiple packages and then all the offline goes offline you wouldn't know which mirrors are missing and where without going to the offline package then looking and download from column and that would have to be set to source url == many additional steps. The more offline items you have the harder it is to track, you be scrolling up and down over and over. Even more complicated the larger your linkgrabber list is, and the position of the offline package relative to your comparison package.

It also means when there are false positives say due to plugin error (website changes which creates plugin error which returns offline status 99% time, or the 1% time where programmer make error) it allows you to fix the issue (developer) or wait until fixed (end user) and recheck links without having to readd/find them.

A reason for keeping it in the package, in linkgrabber and into download tab could be: all the original online mirrors are removed from respective service, yet some of the original offline links are false positive due plugin error, which is now fixed, you now have a mirror that works. You can continue to download =].
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