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Originally Posted by EquiNox View Post
..and copy paste them one-by-one (always waiting until the last album has been completely parsed!) and I get the desired result immediately because every album is allowed to have any item in the stream even when it's already part of another album.
I don't really understand...still the same issue with missing items?
Also we do have our album crawler which should auto-crawl all albums of a user -> No need to do this manually
As said I'd need to get a log of you to try to find the cause.
If it is caused by rate-limiting the only thing I can do about this is to slow down our crawler

Originally Posted by EquiNox View Post
Copy the link to the clipboard, wait 5 seconds and then copy the next to the clipboard. But after testing now this was maybe still too fast for JD, I don't know.
No, not too fast for JD but maybe "too fast for flickr" as mentioned above.
Again: I need a log to investigate this.

Originally Posted by EquiNox View Post
At least in the LinkGrabber there did not yet show up all items and albums after one time parsing this way. Maybe I should slow it down little more.
You can see the linkgrabber activity in the bottom right corner.
If there is no activity displayed, some URLs may continue to get added some seconds later but then the crawl process is done.

Originally Posted by EquiNox View Post
That stream is also a good example as it has a lot of items that are part of more than one album. But one album does not help to test the issue.
Yes one album is enough to test the dupe setting itself.
As said, you can easily see if duplicates are currently allowed or not.
Adding hundreds of albums for testing is not necessary...only if that test it about finding out whether any API limits were hit

Originally Posted by EquiNox View Post
You need a few more at least that do have an overlap of items, so some items are part of more than one album, maybe the "Origami"-albums.
Even if it was about that, 2-3 URLs would be enough for testing.

Originally Posted by EquiNox View Post
Exactly the same album name, but now thanks to your great packagename change this issue is fixed and they both can get their own package!
Thanks for your feedback!

My test results using your example with these many albums:
Dupe check enabled (= no dupes allowed):
6697 items
285 packages

Dupe check disabled (= duplicates allowed):
6697 items
281 packages
(Hm strange result)

If you still think there is an issue with missing items, as said I will need a log and/or maybe you can find some kind of pattern e.g. images are only missing for specific albums/users...

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That's true James
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