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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
@psp / @EquiNox: Although dupes are allowed in linkgrabber, parser would still filter them. So, if the same link appears multiple times in a crawler job, only one of them will be crawled on each pass.
Thanks, yes, I think that is how it appeared to me.

Overall the plugin works really great, I am so happy.

However, I tested more over the weekend the new packagename/gallery tags and noticed some issues, that should be fixed I'd say. Only a brief description now, I'll explain it more thoroughly later.

- For the Menu Manager, would these new jd:prop: plugin tags also available for the "Pattern for the Packages"? The new "Pattern for the Links" tags already helped me a lot.

- Titles and descriptions for Galleries/groups do not yet seem to work. *title* and *description* always empty.

- *username_url* for Galleries/groups I need to check if they show up correctly.

- About packagename names, are underscores not allowed? When I put them in the custom definition as a separator, they did not show up in the LinkGrabber list, were just removed I think.

Flickr galleries to find here:
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More later...

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