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Originally Posted by djmakinera View Post
Maybe stupid, because JD2 does not support Batch Manager URLs, queues. etc.
Do you think I have to add it in smaller batches?
Unless JD2 doesn't support the queue?
yes, jd does lack batch adding of links, really not required for the most part. As our program should not be used to download the entire site (like your trying todo)

JD does queue links so thats not a problem

the problem is JD is doing parsing (analyses and removes all content thats not valid url) of the clipboard before displaying content
this is causing the issue.

The only solution outside of this is to consider adding links in less volume or use another means to add links, like folderwatch if you just want to copy paste a list of valid urls. or utilise a more effectively way to perform all the tasks you are doing manually right now, via linkcrawler rules or decrypter plugin. The latter is most suited to your needs due to offline content

Originally Posted by djmakinera View Post
it was once possible when some of the developers initially introduced the "Abort all Crawl" option. Now of course it doesn't work anymore.
Originally Posted by djmakinera View Post
Cancel/Abort Crawl = Only Restart JD2 or Exit JD2 and Run Again, it may stop working /interupt.
if your doing it in the add links dialog its happening before crawl takes place as your are pasting it in?? Same assumption response as first quote
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