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Okay.. so i did some testing in the wild and from what i can say this works.

IF i:
1 disable the predifined subfolder by packagename rule
2 put the regex "(.+)S\d+E\d+.+" on the filename instead of the package name

Which is strange because all my other rules for single tvshows work with 1 BUT i indeed do use the filename in my other rules aswell.

Funny enough even though the file names clearly go by "" with the dot inbetween it replaces the dot with a space. im an idiot. I tested that with a show that had a rule on its own. It indeed puts the dot from the file name into the folder name.

Even with the rule turned off it still puts files that arent tvshows in folders going by the package name.. or well.. the file name without dots.

Soo, of course, it didnt put the files in their own subfolder. Why would i even think that with the rule disabled.
The question is then, why do i need to disable the rule for the generic tvshow rule to work while the other single tv show rules work either way.


okay. I put the rule at the end of the list again re-enabled the subfolder rule.. and now it "works". Needing to have the regex in the file name instead of the package name does put dots in the folder name which is kind of a nogo. Is there a way to read out/see the package name? Or rather, what exactly IS the package name? Im so confused right now.

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