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Yes, I first tried manually resetting the router but it didn't work. This is why I stated that it is a "sticky" IP address.

Some further observations/developments:

I just realized that Technitium software does not seem to be able to affect the router WAN MAC address, which seems to be the important one, yes? I then noticed the "MAC Clone" option in my router settings. I tried to change the WAN address directly from here, using a randomly generated address, but it would not accept. Then I figured I could at least click the "MAC clone" button and see if it would accept my original PC MAC address. It did! I now have a different IP address! So I then re-opened JD and tried to start downloading from two different hosts that had previously been "traffic limit reached". One of them started! The other didn't, it still gave the same limit notice. How do they still know? Could this be due to cookies or something in JD I can fix?

That was my first success but it will be short-lived unless reverting back to the original address after another traffic limit occurs will be equally as effective. I thought of another work-around, which is to use Technitium to change my PC MAC address and then see if the router settings will let me clone this new MAC address through to the WAN address. I tried it and this actually worked for changing the WAN MAC address, but it did something weird for my IP address, which reverted back to the original one I had before I started trying to change it! That was surprising. Any ideas on why that happens? And does this mean I basically have two different essentially static IP addresses to work with?

If I call my ISP any tips on what to say/not to say or how to describe my problem with out angering them? Are they likely to help?

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