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Originally Posted by nok32 View Post
It did! I now have a different IP address!
As I wrote above, yes ofc I verified for myself that I have a new IP address (give me some credit dude I haven't been misunderstanding anything or not following "properly" as you have suggested now twice). Tomorrow I will switch the PC cloned MAC address for the original router address and see what happens to the IP at that point, I kinda expect it will revert to the old one again. I looked for more details online about my ISP and it seems that the IP address leases can be vague and dependent on the area. I found a way to look at the lease using ipconfig but it is a little tedious and I feel probably just bad news at this point.

In any case, I have no idea how the one file host recognizes me (k2s) with this different IP unless I am traceable with cookies or some other thing I don't understand. I just set up a vpn (proton, free vers) and deleted all the cookies from firefox, readded the k2s link into JD and it still came up "Traffic limit reached". What?? Downloading successfully in Firefox though and actually about 4x faster (200kBs vs 50kBs) with the vpn lol.

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