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eMeR Manix
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Question Is there possible to download using multiple NIC's?

Is there possible for JD to simultaneously download files using multiple network cards acting on various IP numbers?

This can be usefull for some non-Premium users...

Notebook can have two or more connections with different IP-numbers assigned (wire NIC, wireless NIC, mobile...).
Desktop can have more than one network card, and each of them can have unique IP number assigned (multi-homed box), and also wireless connection is possible there.

Is there possible, with Java, to simultaneously download multiple files using multiple network cards/connections?

Is there possible, to choose (distinguish?) which download should go to which NIC/connection?

If this feature is possible to develop, maybe can be supported using multiple/rotating proxy plugin engine...

AFAIK under MS Windows there is no interface for user, to choose between various NIC's - one can only to set "priorities" for them.
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