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Default Premium not recognized

I cannot see any recent inquiries about this, but at the same time I hope I am not making a repeat of such a query.....

I've upgraded to premium status on

I can log in via browser and my premium status shows with no problem, however when I enter these credentials into JDownloader, account is recognized, but only shows as a free account. I waited a while in case upgraded status takes a while to propagate although I don't see why it should since the account immediately updates to premium, but there is no change. Even after an hour - I am still showing as free account in JDownloader, but premium as expected when logging in via the browser (I have chrome, firefox and IE) and I cleared the caches on all browsers with no change in case any elements are used by JDownloader.

Is there anything I should be aware of that might make this happen? I have seen before that sometimes if a password is set that includes special characters, then while login maybe fine at the browser level, it could make a JDownloader login fail - so I made sure no special characters were in my password and there were initially so I reset my password accordingly, but there is still no change.

I have reached out to JDownloader tech support and also's own support to see what answers i get but would appreciate any insight here.


Clive Sims
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