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I found another solution (as long as it still works):
via this type of links example: **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff** we can find the direct links to download the videos but strangely, these links ending in (_800.mp4), are not for the available videos of the best quality, ie (_1800.mp4)
I made a linkcrawler to get the title of the video ... (I also have to make one to get the date back)
But above all I wish I could get this 1800 instead of 800 (or even better, the 2 quality)

This is possible, please ?

Thank you !

Ps: and is it possible to modify the links already obtained in the linkgrabber?

Ps2: but the new site is on a big platform, on which many channels put their videos (their replay). So I suggest you take a look ... ;-)

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