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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Waiting for new logs then
Good luck, maybe the issue solves itself
to solve myself is a dream ehehehe

i send you another log

25.11.15 21.52.32to25.11.15 21.53.29 jdlog://4016344739341/
if you see, i get 6 google drive files of 2GB.

So others google drive files in queue are 5GB and doesn't completed, infinite loop, are an evening in download and isn't complete, when must be completed, restart download.

I don't paste the link of this files, but anyway you can see it in logs, and there are a lot of these files that jdownloader fail.

I have Jdownloader on my Raspberry Pi 2 under Raspbian, Connected via Cable to my Fritz Box 3272, with my DSL 6mbits that doesn't have a reconnection from a week. ( anyway isn't possible also get a resume for drive files )

I hope that you can solve this issue

Thanks for the support

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