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Log ID: 01.12.16 13.44.52 <--> 01.12.16 15.40.07 jdlog://6080769150841/

"Max. sim. Downloads per Hoster" on the Downloads tab does not appear to be working.
I have set it to 4, but it is currently downloading 5 files.
Most of my downloads are from Rapidgator with a premium account.

Under Settings -> Account Manager -> Usage Rules tab ->
I have enabled only Single Hoster Accounts (Multiple Hoster: Zevera is disabled and Free Accounts is disabled). Before disabling these two settings, JD2 would attempt to download even more files simultaneously.

I have "Max. Chunks per Download" set to 4 (which seems to work correctly) and
"Max simultaneous Downloads" set to 10 (I haven't tested that recently).

Note: In English, Nouns are not capitalized after the first word of a sentence (except if they are names like Jiaz or Deutschland). Words like "download", "hoster", or "chunks" would not be capitalized. "Maximum" (or Max.) at the beginning of a sentence is capitalized, because the first word in a sentence is always capitalized in English.
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