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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
This is not a rapidgator special case - this might happen for all hosters.
Workaround: Set max simultaneous downloads per browser to 1.

reCaptchaV2 is the same for every website - waittimes and stuff that happens before and after may vary.
Wouldnt it be better that this is handled by JD?!
User should play around with all settings all the time...
No, for Share-Online its no problem if i wait a minute and answer the Captcha then.
By rapidgator has huge issues, that means even if you enter a captcha in 30 seconds the download only starts in about 30% of the cases.
Could you build in "send data again to host", instead of cancel the Download and hop to the next? Would save a lot of time and anger.

It may that rapidgator feels ddosed from the JDownloader Plugin. If it try to load in the browser while JD is running it often displays "Page loading error". Tryed a Download without JD, worked. Have to investigate more if this can happend without JD. Seems same for Recaptcha2 Block if you have to do much reloads. Last time iam blocked, tryed over a time again and again with JD. Then i tryed with Browser - block was away.
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