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Originally Posted by smokiemamour View Post
if I converted the 'mp4' sound would it be good? is this possible?
Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@smokiemamour: mpeg4 audio is superior to mp3.
mpeg4 is considered the natural successor to mp3, and is the codec normally used in 'm4a' and 'mp4' containers.

Originally Posted by smokiemamour View Post
... I would like to make a script so that when I download mp4 it converts me to mp3
'mp4' is a container, not a codec. YT usually contains the same audio stream in both containers.

'm4a' = 'aac' audio
'mp4' = 'aac' audio + 'h.264' video

If they are of the same audio bitrate (which they usually are), quality of the converted 'mp3' file will remain the same in both cases. So, it is not necessary to download the file in 'mp4' (video+audio) format, if you just want the audio stream.

YT normally provides only the transcoded video/audio files and not the original ones. You will be again transcoding from one lossy format (aac) to another (mp3). Hence, the quality of the resulting 'mp3' file will be inferior than the source (aac) file.
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