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hi mark,
can you pls post a private msg where to get this version from august? right now now luck for me.
Sorry to bother you, but this bug really sucks
No bother. I agree it sucks. Do you have a Time Machine or other back-up from before Friday?

I got it from my own back-up drive. While I back-up data more frequently, the last time I cloned the entire start-up drive was back in August.

According to the changelog it looks like we've been on version .9581 since at least 18 May 2012

It also looks like the log has some huge gaps and hasn't been updated since July of last year

I've been looking for the official repository, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know?

I found this site, jdownloader (dot) en (dot) uptodown (dot) com/old which seems to have a version from August but I haven't tried it.

This whole situation just seems very odd, especially that none of the developers have said anything

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