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Default offline links are online

Hello guys

I am facing the very same problem here. And its really odd

I have about 2000-3000 links project to grab its files, when link grabber starts to work on them , it always shows almost half of them offline and the other half online . But always the amount really close to halve halve .

But all of those which it shows offline are actually online on browser, and the ones it finds and confirms online , are identical links of the ones it shows offline .

Another thing I am facing, maybe related to this problem as well ; if I add 1500 links to be found to link grabber , it finds way less than if I add those links in 500x3 partially .

Say, if I add 500 + 500 + 500 separately it , it finds almost 3 times more than if I add all at once .

those are the odds I am facing , and I have a feeling there is something not correctly running .
dunno why , but would be amazing to get assist on that .

thanks a lot
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