Thread: [Solved] uptobox plugin problem
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Just understand we DIDN'T BANNED "jdownloader", we take all requests which DDOS last friday, analyse them, blocked them... and .. oh.. jdownloader is blocked... Q.E.D....

i sent you a screen, BEFORE this blocklng state, do you think is that normal? it's was code return 200... I can send you 10GB of logs if you want.

Also, we didn't banned premium customers, just remove these 3K/s requests. Premium or not, just removed the shit

But, maybe it's not jdownloader but another plugin/application (but i don't think an other plugin is popular as Jdownloader to gen 3K download request per/s). As said, we didn't blocked jdownloader directly.

You are right, maybe this blocking state gen more r/s but it's the only way to stop this DDOS (for example 3Kr/s of 403 errors is less CPU expansive than 1Kr/s download requests)

Please, Add me on skype to discuss about it.

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