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Guess we have to agree to disagree, I call it a 'carpet ban' as an analogy. Your changes do this regardless if you did it on purpose or not. FYI our stats backend shows free users without account are not blocked, only people that try and download with an account.

I saw the screen shot, and your previous edit history. All I can take from it is 1-4 GET request every second to that URL. Assuming its a single single file uid which you masked and a single IP address masked. I don't really see it as 'proof' in this presented form. 10Gigs of server logs wont work for me though ;p At most I could see JD doing 2 gets to a single fuid within same second, rest requests should be posts care of <form, to get the download started, could be still within the same second depending on user <> server latency.

JD shouldn't create DDoS events to your service, though you claim otherwise. Any reason why you don't use cloudflare as intended and let them prevent DDoS events to your service (before it reaches your servers)?

If you want to solve this, contact me on IRC.

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