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Thanks for the update. As the resent entries are in German, I have no idea what was entered into the database.

I'm currently at core 24114 and see that there is another update available, which I will fetch after the two downloads I have going complete, or fail.

The issue is still there as a download got 97.57% done and then went into the captcha required mode. It is now in a Wait 00s and ignores a force download start. More than likely I will have to reset it and start the 999 MiB download over. It is acting like the "Temporarily unavailable" issues I've had.

That said, at the moment, I'm getting less account issues. Don't know if it is because of plugin improvements, or a better connection to the UL server, or both.


Figures, right after I posted the above and went back to the screen to check on the downloads, JD2 crapped on itself. One of the two downloads is now flagged as "Skipped - account missing." Sure enough, the UL icon at the bottom of the screen has a red/white minus.

On the account manage page, the UL account is marked in red with a plugin status of error. I did a right-click->refresh to fix this. I then cleared the skip and forced a download start, at which point the download continued from where it left off.

I wasn't looking at the time it happened, but I suspect it occurs when the connection is dropped and JD2 tries to restart and then gets into the plugin issues.

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