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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
But you can easily just mass set the chunks for selected link(s)/package(s) in list.

Just change all links in list manually via this easy way and seutp a packagizer rule for all future links -> voila, you're done

a. That works if I have a lot of DFiles links. But sometimes I need to set it manually to 1 for just 2-3 lniks.
(I want the chunk setting added so that I dont have to manually set it each time for only a few links. But yes sometimes its for 10-15 links, which is why having to manually set it for each its pain.) Its also a bit of work if i have to manually set the chunks if i have multiple links from various different hosts..which need their own custom different chunk setting...pain in the ass.

b. Ive been trying to get the packagizer to work with this "1" chunk rule. Havent yet found the right settings to make JD2 auto do this(kinda new to the packagizer settings)....Im working on it.

Thanks Jiaz for getting some tickets up for this issue.

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