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You're welcome.

Google occasionally breaks all sort of YouTube downloaders for years. My fave MacTubes cannot even view VEVO videos now.

However, they are alternatives for Firefox and Chrome. Safari, has to go through some work around.

jDownloader is still a great app. Hope, the makers find a work around soon. Could learn a few things from some YouTube web browser extensions.
Yeah there seems to be an on-going war between live content streaming and ripping. Its also ironic that a google chrome has extensions that download these vevo videos just fine so ...

1. Either the JD developers have been lying to us all and cooked up a big steaming pile of good old horse shit or
2. Google want monopoly of the entire internets, even going as far as allowing extensions on their own browser to rip the very content that their trying to protect.

Funny what the world is coming to Learning to hack rtmp was fun for me.

Originally Posted by pitoloko View Post
JD basic function is to download files, and now JD is a download manager which refuses to support download from one of the most big (and free) services (Youtube).

I only use JD to download from Youtube and from, since JD can't download VEVO clips I'm in the need to abandon the use of this application maybe like a lot of users who don't want to keep installed 50 applications in the pc to do the same thing 'cause for example 1 APP to download from Youtube and other APP to download from "X" site and etc..., now I need to keep IDM to download from each site and uninstall JD.

Anyways JD was the best download manager untill the day 14 of this month.

Thanks for read.
:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: R.I.P Jdownloader, you were once useful. Now that your creators have abandoned you, you will be sent to a random museum as a derelict scrap heap.

Stripping Jdownloader of its very purpose that it was designed for - I see no more use for a bloated resource intensive app. Its almost hilarious at how hard the JD staff justify the use of such an app in this day and age.

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