Thread: [See Bugtracker] How do I override per-host limits?
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Default How do I override per-host limits?

From what I understand, JD follows the rules set by a plugin specific to current host, and in most cases it doesn't allow to download more than 1 file at a time, for 1 connection (e.g. without proxies).

But in reality, I've experienced situations where I could really start a second (or even third) download in browser, while JD simply refuses to do so - it doesn't do anything at all with the next file until 1 current download is finished. I've tried using Reset, Force Download start - they do nothing.

I conclude that the whole logic of JD to act strictly according to restrictions set by plugins is not helping and make things worse sometimes. So I have to use browser to download more files at a time than JD can download.

You could say that a plugin needs to be updated if such limits are changed for some host. But it doesn't help much.
- Such rules may change frequently on some hosts.
- Host may temporary remove certain limitations, intended or unintended.
- JD may fail to recognize that current connection is not the same as the one used in existing download (e.g. if it uses proxy server controlled by the user).

In all such cases, I'd like to be able to enforce the attempt to download the file anyway in JD while it's already downloading another file from the same host, even if plugin rules say ony 1 file can be downloaded at a time.
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