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Default Auto-Stop and Continue for single links

Is there a setting to "stop and continue" for a single link if/when the bandwidth for that specific link falls below a specified speed limit?. The only hoster I have an issue with is with premium uploaded links where say I have 10 files and 7 of them will download at their optimum speed per chunk, however for the other three files at around 75-85%, it will drop all the chunks except one and continue download it below 50kb/s which takes hours to complete unless I manually stop it and force-started it to continue finishing at the single chunk/connection at around 525-1000kb/s for that single chunk. I have come across this issue in the past with this hoster, however, after awhile it goes away on its own so now I'm back having to babysit when downloading from this hoster. By the way, this issue has occurred from different IP-addresses with different net providers.
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