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ok when i start a download free not premium on both RS and MU it starts normally , after a couple of minutes it gets "aborted" the error says cuz it dosent have permission to write on disk , both Mu and rs have this issue , anyways i even reformated cuz i tought it was a maybe a virus or who knows a bad configuration changed from xp to vista ultimate , well removed the permissions thingy , and it kept giving me the same error then , as a experiment removed the firefox 3.8 cuz i noticed mine got updated from 3.7 a few days ago, since last night i havent got problems i installed an old copy of firefox 3.3 and no problems at all , so it seems the problem for me its firefox 3.8, im still testing , il give you a feedback if it truelly works after i come from college ,
thanks for your time

best regards
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