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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
I can't confirm that.
We could either change it to that behavior or add a plugin setting.
As said by mergin all into one package, you will possibly lose the connection between multiple items that belong to one post.

As said we're aware of the remaining issues and it is being worked on.
You can't expect it to always work flawlessly as IG can- and will change their website whenever they want to

It was only a "confirmation" questions cause i know you always do your best to resolve all the issues as long as it's made possibile by the site itself.

I'll keep an eye in this thread and if it's needed i can provide new logs if it can help the team to resolve it.

As for the instagram plugin option settings it would be a good thing cause using JD for a lot of sites, having different settings would be good. When it's possible i say to all of my friends that need a good download manager i always tell them to use JD, at least for my internet usage it's the best option by far.
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