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Thanks for working on this, JD Staff. Ironically, in the past, the JD Crawler could never properly fetch all of my saved posts. But, after I created a couple of Collections while using Insta on my tablet, and copied my Saves url with JD, the Crawler grabbed EVERYTHING. Over 11,000 saved posts, and over 18,000 total files, all grabbed with a single url copy! I could not believe my eyes. But yeah, Insta must have changed something under the hood, which has messed up the Crawler. I remember a while back when an internal Insta change broke the crawler completely. So hopefully, you guys will find the solution.

Also, as pspzockerscene said, the Insta crawler is not completely broken. Individual post urls can still be grabbed. This means you can still load every post on a user profile, and copy the ones you want, one at a time. This is viable as long as the profile in question does not have too many posts. Trying to load too many posts on a single page runs out the IP traffic limit. Which is why JD being able to scrub an entire profile is useful for saving everything and deleting what I do not want, without running out the IP traffic limit.

Originally Posted by PocasNuckie View Post
Hi, first post here

Just thought i'd let know I too am affected by this issue.

First I was only getting between 12 and 23 files per profile.

And after the update not only that issue remained but it also started collecting unrelated profiles.

Thanks for your work. JD has been awesome for me and i hope this gets fixed eventually.
From what I observed, the crawler is grabbing tagged posts on that profile.

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