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Originally Posted by beronz View Post
first maddie ziegler one, usually JD creates a folder with all the files of the profile. now it's creating a lot of folders and i don't know if they're from maddie's one or post that were shared by her. BTW, it's creating at least 200 separate folders
You're right and I was wrong!

Also we won't be adding an extra setting - we'll make it add all items of a profile into one package.
I was even wrong with the assumption that you won't be able to find items of a gallery afterwards as filenames will contain the Item-ID by default.

We even have a setting to apply the "order ID" (index value) to the filenames so you could even restore the original order of multiple items of a gallery.
See Settings -> Plugins -> -> Include order-id in filenames
(The name of this setting will change accordingly after the next update.)


Originally Posted by goldensun87 View Post
Thanks for working on this, JD Staff. Ironically, in the past, the JD Crawler could never properly fetch all of my saved posts. But, after I created a couple of Collections while using Insta on my tablet, and copied my Saves url with JD, the Crawler grabbed EVERYTHING.
Nic! Thanks for your feedback!

By the way issues with crawling your own saved posts haven't been reported so far.
Is this also broken?
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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
Originally Posted by James
Die Leute verstehen einfach nicht dass nur weil man mit einer Waffe auch auf Menschen schießen kann dass ein Schützenver​ein kein Ort für Amoklaufide​en ist

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