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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
You're right and I was wrong!

Also we won't be adding an extra setting - we'll make it add all items of a profile into one package.
I was even wrong with the assumption that you won't be able to find items of a gallery afterwards as filenames will contain the Item-ID by default.

We even have a setting to apply the "order ID" (index value) to the filenames so you could even restore the original order of multiple items of a gallery.
See Settings -> Plugins -> -> Include order-id in filenames
(The name of this setting will change accordingly after the next update.)

Thanks! As an avid user of JD i always notice when something isn't working as usual so i report on the forum only the ones that aren't typical (in the recent past i had some issues but after posting the log 99% of the times are issues on my account\ my vpn usage, so now i tend to "pre-test" every scenario before posting something, so i add as many details as possibile. When it will be possibile (as soon as i'll find a new job) i will support again your work.

Also thanks for the explanation on the settings that are already avalaible.
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