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Know that there already is a fantastic add-on: RSFind!

After installing you just click the icon in the browser and it will read all RS-links from the current page into a pop-up. There you can select the wanted links which will then get copied into the clipboard.

A further development could provide a pop-up with all links on a page sorted after the hosters names.

Also a method should be usefull to catch all of the passwords. Multiple abbreviations like pass pw password etc. should be recognized.
The PWs should also be presented in the pop-up.

The most important of all is that the url of a link should be stored. This means that you can call the url where a link was found days later by clicking a button in JD. Once clicked, the url will open up in a browser.

If this should be too difficult, it would be ok to just store link and url in a textfile. A .txt with all the links would be extremely helpfull after breakdown of JDs linklist for backup purposes.
Now I let run kornitop clipboard-editor when adding new links. This will provide me with needed link-backup but not with url-backup.