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LinkCrawler Rules support different modes

REWRITE -> rewrite/change URL
DIRECTHTTP -> treat URL as direct downloadable and download the content/response
DEEPDECRYPT -> load the URL and parse the html source (no js execution) to find inner links
FOLLOWREDIRECT -> follow URL redirect
for example: "rule" : "DEEPDECRYPT"

"pattern" : "pattern"
you specify the pattern that matches the rule

you can specify cookies by
"cookies: [ ["key1","value1"], ["key2","value2"],["key2","value2"]..]
pay attention for correct json escaping!

you can enable/disable rule by
"enabled" : true or false

you can specify max depth (how deep the same rule can go)
"maxDecryptDepth" : 0

you can specify name (for yourself or when you share rules)
"name" : "Test"

you can specify pattern (DEEPDECRYPT) that returns the name of the package for all found links
"packageNamePattern" : "pattern"

you can specify pattern (SUBMITFORM) that selects the form to submit
"formPattern" : "pattern"

you can specify pattern (DEEPDECRYPT) that returns inner links/html to parse
"deepPattern" : "pattern"

you can specify pattern (REWRITE) to rewrite URL ($1 is first match, $2 is second match...)
"rewriteReplaceWith" : "$1"

In case you need further help of have additional questions, please don't hesitate and ask
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