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Our main installer for JDownloader for windows contains optional adware
that you can decline/skip during installation.
There are no hidden/enforced installations. No malware. We take reports
serious and check every report
but till today and after many years, yet noone could provide any
evidence about the installer distributing malware.
It looks like you just overlooked the advertised bundling during the
installation and did not skip/decline the installation
of it. We're sorry for the inconvenience this has brought to you. You
should be able to uninstall installed software
normally from software control in windows and remove installed browser
extensions from within your browser settings.
In doubt we can recommend AdwCleaner, see

Adware is a common way for monetization, especially for free to use
software like JDownloader.
Without this source of income we would not no longer be able to provide
JDownloader for free
as we too have to pay our employees wages, office/server rents, traffic
costs and much more.

We also provide an adware free installer, see
JD-Dev & Server-Admin
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