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@Jiaz The example links are in the playlist URL I added. It says it's only visible to support staff. All URLs I add get that treatment.

I usually add playlist links manually to a single package, then select all results and do a manual variant selection. In this case, I remember the selector reporting most links having Opus 128, and, after confirming the selection, Opus 128 files did appear for some of the URLs, but, for others, I got a bunch of 128kbit raw AAC. So I select those, and do a variant selection again, and now it get that most of them have a different bitrate Opus variant, so I confirm the selection, and, again, I get some Opus with that "new" bitrate but others still add 128kbit raw AAC files to the list, so rinse and repeat until I get all Opus variants available, and, for the last remaining files I do m4a AAC.
If I go over each URL separately, I don't get any of these problems, but, of course, it's really bothersome.

I think this has also happened with webm video some times, with me selecting VP9+Opus webm and some of the URLs actually returning MP4 files instead.

Also, this also happens when selecting m4a. The selector will report that all/most of the urls have a particular variant, but, after confirming the selection, some URLs actually get a raw AAC file, so I go over these again, and now the m4a variant shown is not the same as before.

My impression is that the selector doesn't deal well with multiple selections where there are certain combinations of variants. It will report all of them under a particular cathegory, but when actually trying to retrieve them, some will fail, and then it just adds raw AAC to the linkgrabber list instead.

Imagine a group of 10 URLs, of which 6 have Opus 128, 2 have Opus 152 and 1 has Opus 160, and the last one doesn't have any Opus at all.
When you run the selector over all of them at once, it reports 9/10 have Opus 128, so you select that, and when confirming you get the 6 that actually have that exact variant as Opus128, but for the ones with 152 and 160 and no Opus, JD adds raw AAC 128 files to the linkgrabber list instead. So you have to select the "failed" ones again and rinse and repeat... or do them one by one, in which case it reports the actual variants accurately.
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