Thread: [User feedback required] entirely too aggressive on retrying download
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Default entirely too aggressive on retrying download

Setup: I am using the latest JDownloader2. I have multiple SOCKS5 proxies setup so I can parallel download from the same hoster. And I am using 9kw for captcha solving. has what appears to be a "dumb" timeout to try for a new download. And it isn't tracking it per download (proxy) source either. So at the end of the timeout, it tries to download from from every single download source I have whether or not I'm already downloading from that hoster via that download method. As a result, I churn through 10 to 20 captchas which will not result in a download for every 1 that does (!!!!!!!!!). If you're paying for captcha solving like I am, that's quite a serious burn of money for absolutely nothing.

At a minimum, could the plugin at least check to see if there is an existing download to that hoster going on from a given download method before trying to download another file?
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