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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Please provide a logfile, **External links are only visible to Support Staff**... and post the shown logID. A screenshot would be helpfull too to see what timeout exists.
I can only think of network issue timeout because in case the IP/Proxy has reached limit, it will not be used again during waiting time. So I need a logfile to see what timeout is set.

JDownloader remembers limits by Connection. Once a hoster reports limit reached for this Connection JDownloader does not retry until timeout is over.
23.01.17 19.08.34 <--> 23.01.17 19.08.35 jdlog://5713179150841/

The timeouts are usually just under an hour or just under two hours (I recall seeing something around 59m frequently). Also, the reason I think it isn't tracking per download source is that I can have an active download from all available download sources, and when the timeout ends it will try captchas, one at a time, all of which will fail obviously since I'm already downloading, and the number of captchas I get matches the number of download sources I have. So I have three downloads going and three download sources. And at the end of that timeout I will get three captchas -- one at a time -- all failing. At the end of which it will set a new timeout -- regardless of remaining ETAs -- and do the whole thing over again at the end of that timeout. And it will keep doing that until a download has completed and thus allows at least one of those captchas to eventually go through successfully.
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