Thread: [See Bugtracker] zippyshare 403 geo blocked bad handling
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Default zippyshare 403 geo blocked bad handling


i think you show the error "403 geo blocked" when a connection is blocked on zippyshare, but i'm using multiple proxies so it should try on another proxy.

Here, i added a new proxy (a new connection) but it doesn't try to use that new connection, it still show 403 geo blocked, wait 55 minutes

20.09.20 20.39.24 <--> 20.09.20 22.21.56 jdlog://7108225302851/

here i disabled and then forced the download of the file that was showing 403 geo blocked, then it started downloading :
20.09.20 20.39.24 <--> 20.09.20 22.25.50 jdlog://8108225302851/

for another download, i had to do 3 times in a row, disable the file, then force download until it was downloading correctly (probably because it tried only on one proxy then doesn't try others):
20.09.20 20.39.24 <--> 20.09.20 22.28.36 jdlog://0208225302851/

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