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I was still unable to find these images but I've created two LinkCrawler rules for you that will enable you to download single .torrent files and crawl a list of multiple .torrent files:

You will have to replace "censored" with your own cookie value of key "sid".
You'll find it (e.g. for Chrome) when visiting the empornium mainpage -> Log in -> Click on the Lock symbol on the left side of the address bar -> Cookies

Put the value of that cookie in the following LinkCrawler rule(s) and add them to:
Settings -> Advanced Settings -> LinkCrawler.linkcrawlerrules
    "enabled": true,
    "logging": false,
    "maxDecryptDepth": 1,
    "name": " 1: single torrent files direct download",
    "pattern": "**External links are only visible to Support Staff**,
    "rule": "DIRECTHTTP"
    "enabled": true,
	"cookies" : [ ["sid", "CENSORED"] ],
    "logging": false,
    "maxDecryptDepth": 1,
    "name": " 2: torrent collection download",
    "pattern": "**External links are only visible to Support Staff**,
    "rule": "DEEPDECRYPT",
    "packageNamePattern": "<title>(.*?)</title>",
    "passwordPattern": null,
    "deepPattern": "\"(/torrents\\.php\\?action=download[^\"]+)\""
Rule as plaintext for easier copy/paste:

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