Thread: [User feedback required] JD2 stopped running external script in latest update
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Default JD2 stopped running external script in latest update


I am using an Autohotkey terminal script to reboot my router, since I cant do it with JD2's Reconnet Wizard.

I had set JD2 to run the script through the External Batch Reconnect,
and this was working for months with no problems, JD2 would just run the script and the script would do the rest.

But, since I updated JD2 to yesterday's latest patch, it stopped loading the script. I press the Reconnect Button, the Reconnect dialog box popups and the throbber in the right, bottom corner is spinning. But nothing happens, the script doesnt run at all (it should popup as a separate window).

I closed all the running apps in the background, including Kaspersky, but JD2 refuses to load the script. I tried it in a clean Windows installation in my virtual machine, and again JD2 doesnt load the script.

I replaced the AHK script with a CMD batch script which deos the same job, but again JD2 doesnt load the batch at all, it just stays there with the Reconnection window open.

The scripts work fine with no problems if I start them from Windows Explorer.

Is this is a bug? has something broken in the latest patch? any ideas what causes the problem?

My system is Windows 10 Pro 64bit. I scanned for malware, etc everything is clean.
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