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Default OneDrive - Issue with tiny files

Example-Folder: **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

The folder contains eight files: two bigger than 1MiB, six smaller than 1MiB.

Downloading the bigger files is working.

Downloading the smaller files fails, with JD2 "downloading" almost the whole file, just to go into a "Temporarily unavailable"-loop.

The reason for this is because the MS-server is delivering a wrong Content-Lenght header.

For example:
"Easy Ngen (.NET Framework) Runner v4.7z"
Response-Header upon downloading:
"Content-Length: 1920"

JD2 sets up a download for 1920 bytes:
--ID:31593TS:1456158152466-2/22/16 5:22:32 PM -  [] -> Start Download in 1 chunks. Chunksize: 1920
But then...
--ID:31605TS:1456158154470-2/22/16 5:22:34 PM -  [] -> reached EOF
--ID:31605TS:1456158154470-2/22/16 5:22:34 PM -  [] -> towrite: -1 exClosed: false conClosed: false read:1897 written:1897
--ID:31593TS:1456158154472-2/22/16 5:22:34 PM -  [] -> ExternalStop: false|VerifiedFilesize: 1920|FileSize: 1920|Loaded: 1897
--ID:31593TS:1456158154472-2/22/16 5:22:34 PM -  [] -> jd.plugins.PluginException: Download incomplete
Problem is: The download isn't incomplete. The files pass checksum-tests and extraction and everything. The Content-Lenght-value from the server is just wrong.

Curiously for the two huge downloads, there's no Content-Length-value delivered by the server, and thus there's no false "download incomplete"-error.