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Default How can I add "mirror" files to the download list


Sometimes when I download something (e.g. on Xh**ster) some files will have the same name and look like they are the same - but they are NOT the same. Right now I do this:
1) Download the files in the link (example a set called "Hot")
2) Look after JDownloader reports "Finished".
3) If there are "mirror files" I mark them and go to Other->move to a new Package (I name the new download dir "1")
4) I go to the download folder and Move the files from "1" to the folder "Hot" (there are no name conflicts since they were moved to the new package)
5) In Jdownloader I reset the download list in the "1" package
6) start download again
7) Now a new set of files are downloaded to the "1" directory. They will have identical names as files in the "Hot" directory. I move the files to the "Hot" directory and confirm that I want to keep "both copies", although they are different.

It would be convenient if there was (maybe there is) a setting that will always download mirror files and keep both copies.

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