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Originally Posted by nathan1 View Post
What does it mean "timeouts" ?
See my last post.

Originally Posted by nathan1 View Post
If before I was able to use JD to download from easybytez, what kind of problem is it if then connection and downloading fails?
The issue is definitely not related to our software.
The last change of our plugin was on 2020-04-24 -> You can verify this yourself: We're open source

Originally Posted by nathan1 View Post
Are you telling me that the LOG is saying that at some point there was an interruption to the connection to easybytez for no clear reason?

Originally Posted by nathan1 View Post
Now I test with another easybytez account and I get this error

Server error 'Error happened when generating Download Link'
This is an error from easybytez - it is again not related to our software!
You can send this to their support:
<tr><td align=center>
<font style="color:#d33;">Error happened when generating Download Link.<br>Please try again or Contact administrator.<br>(ERROR:no_file)</font>
<font class="ok"></font>
I'm unable to check your 2nd log as it is again very big and our log servers are slow at this moment.

Please ALWAYS check the manual download via browser whenever you're experiencing issues in JD.
In most of all cases the issues are caused by the service you're trying to download from and not JDownloader...

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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
Originally Posted by James
Die Leute verstehen einfach nicht dass nur weil man mit einer Waffe auch auf Menschen schießen kann dass ein Schützenver​ein kein Ort für Amoklaufide​en ist

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