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Default JD2 MyJDownloader Proxy does not work

i use JDownloader2 headless on my server.
To manage downloads I use MyJDownloader (WebInterface).
I want JD2 to use a proxy server.
So I go to the WebInterface -> settings -> advanced settings -> InternetConnectionSettings: Custom Proxy List
But when I try to enter my configuration an error occurs: Sorry, failed to set new value.

This is my configuration.
[ {
  "proxy" : {
    "username" : MYUSERNAME,
    "password" : MYPASSWORD,
    "port" : MYPORT,
    "address" : SERVERADDRESS,
    "type" : "SOCKS5",
    "preferNativeImplementation" : false,
    "connectMethodPrefered" : false
  "rangeRequestsSupported" : true,
  "filter" : null,
  "pac" : false,
  "reconnectSupported" : true,
  "enabled" : true
} ]

Please help me. Thanks!
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