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Default Bandwidth Limit Exceeded without end

Hello everybody. I'm using JDwonloader2 and have the problem "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded". Since yesterday I can't download from Mega, because appears this message "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" asking me to wait 5 hours. And after the 5 hours are finished... it asks me to wait 5 more hours. And after them, again and again. Without end.

It isn't that my IP has reached bandwidth limit because in web browser (Chrome and Firefox) I can download perfectly while JDwonloader2 it's saying I must wait 5 hours, I tested in browser and doesn't appears the message "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded".

I reinstalled Jdownloader2. It didn't solve the problem. I tried with free account and no account. Doesn't works. The problems is the same.

So, somebody may help me, please?

Thanks in advance.

Excuse me for my poor English.
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