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I'm quoting my post above:
"Well I was just excluding the RAM as a possible cause of slowdown. I'm using 16GB/32 (JDownloader = 4GB, Firefox 1.4GB (5000+ tabs) + the rest)."

I have only seen 32GB come in handy when making an archive of extracted frames.

Just to state the obvious: Jdownloader is using 4GB ram and I want to allow more but that edit did not effect the displayed usage. I will try editing the other file.

Just FYI doing it "your way" and filtering for links unrelated to this crawl, I can set a default download directory but the "start downloads" option does not have any effect.

I think its best if I start again with clear link grabber and make my filters to the filetypes before hand. I'd need profiles for that though because I often use the scrape with a more specific url where pre filtering is unnecessary.

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