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It was sitting @ 4GB, I am now @ 2.15GB (probably because I have most of my past downloads still in the download list) after deleting all the link grabber list files manually:

Did you say that I could create a custom filter before adding a url to deep scan?

Also I tried editing that file JDownloader2.vmoptions & JDownloader2Update.vmoptions both to 8GB and I tested with the links back in the folder and I'm limited to 4GB according to IObit performance monitor. I need to use more RAM, I as I said I only have 2GB spare with my download list as it is.

I know how to filter for images, but can you filter for *.webp only?
Is there anything else I should add?

I am not sure I'm using this feature in the way intended. I was looking to filter when on the add new links dialog (2nd screenshot).

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