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Default imagevenue pages Linkgrabber won't crawl for me anymore


I've been using JDownloader on and off for a long time now, and recently donated. I don't use it all the time, but when I do, I go on a spree.

My situation:
I often find a thread on some blog that contains (for example) 200 pages, 20 posts per page, and 25 picture-links (imagevenue mostly).

How it was:
I would crtl-C the first page (often without the "&page=1" suffix on that url, and activate the JDownloader window.
It would crawl through all the pages of that thread (1-200) and make a list of downloadable pictures in the linkgrabberwindow to folders named "Page1, Page2, etc" in my target download directory. It would not crawl outside of the thread.
Play play and hey presto: everything downloads.

What I did:
I don't know for sure. I remember getting the JD2 beta and it worked like I just described before. Somehow it's behaviour changed.

How it is now:
It does "watch" my clipboard anymore, and it won't crawl beyond the first page of the thread and it won't make those cool "PageX" directories anymore (I suppose the last 2 have something in common).

Can anyone tell me how to make my beloved JDownloader (1 or 2, pref 2) behave the way it did?:confused: I tried looking through all the options, tried some experiments with the repackagizer, even redownloaded JD1, none worked.:outch:

and on a sidenote: if I return to that thread weeks later, 4 more pages might be added in the mean time. Can I tell JDownloader to not "crawl backward", only forward so that I can add the missing pages?

Thank you!
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